#WE News 

 The FIRST ALL #empowerment newscast.

#WeNews, is the FIRST ever women empowerment newscast, along with being the first  all #empowerment news cast.

Jenee Starr, Melissa Valdez, Christina Miralla, Punkin, Taylor Mae and Jennifer Laurantius round out the #WeNews anchor team, a diverse team of different personalities, races and views.

#WE News is encompassing ALL #empowerment news on every issue, continent and subject, not just women empowerment.

#WE News launches  nationally in May, 2021 on all Holyfield TV, Mayback TV, Pavlov Media, Black Pointe TV and all Roku platforms and stations nationally, including the new markets of  L.A, Miami, New York, Detroit, Louisiana, West Palm Beach, Orlando and Seattle.

#WE News is a 30 minute weekly newscast written and created by #WE founder, Lowell Beasley, as an official production of the official Women Empowerment Movement and the #WE movement, the nation's largest #empowerment campaign .

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The FIRST National #Empowerment Newscast

#WE News is a production of the Women Empowerment Movement / the #WE movement.

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Women Empowerment Movement

Contact us , the official global Women Empowerment Movement


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#WE Movement

#WE is the nation's largest empowerment campaign.


New Hollywood Studio

Distributed by New Hollywood Studio and Simultv

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We've Come a Long Way

from the pilot in 2018 to national reality in 2021

Originally taped as a pilot for CNBC in Miami in 2018, #WE News got a lot of  interest from major networks, cable networks and national platforms, but a new more high energy format was needed and production costs were prohibitive since the anchors all lived in different states..

The national COVID pandemic changed everything making virtual TV the new norm, and made production cost prohibitions disappear. The #WE movement garnered success with some big names and networks allowing #WE News to be taped virtually, with all the anchors in one city. #WE News is now filmed virtually and weekly in Dallas, Texas.


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